Apparently over time, what we learned in driving school we forget. But driving skills improves over time. Despite this, many experienced drivers have bad driving habits. Little by little you take on those habits, but you must break them. In the United States, most people spend about an hour or two driving a car. Auto accidents are the leading cause of injury in the United States.

You must break these habits. Some people are seriously injured in hospitals, others are in wheelchairs because of their bad habits.

These are some bad habits we see on the roads that you MUST avoid.

You should not load the vehicle with unnecessary things

Car luggage increases fuel consumption. When your car has a spacious trunk, you can tend to leave unnecessary things. But you may not need them for your trip. Don't turn your trunk into temporary storage!Other people also carry things on the roof rack. Did you know that that extra weight dents your pocket? Your fuel consumption will increase by 2% for every 50 kg. That is why we recommend that you do not carry many things that you will not need on the trip, either in the trunk or on the roof of the car.

man sitting on car seat front of steering wheel holding phone

Poor hand position on the wheel

We advise drivers to grip the wheel well with their hands at the three o'clock position. This can contradict other people's driving. Many drivers believe that the steering wheel is taken at the two o'clock position. But, because many of the car models have power steering, you don't need to put your hands on top of the steering wheel. In an accident, you are less likely to be injured by an airbag.

Before going on a trip, we recommend that you check your tires, their pressure must be as good as to avoid mistakes. We recommend that you regularly check your car for safety.

woman driving car

Apply braking force when the tire explodes

When your tire blows, you can think about how to slow down. Slamming on the brakes is not the best option. However, in many cases, the driver will choose to brake. Hard braking can only make the situation worse. The blows destabilize the car.

You must continue to drive in a straight line at a speed of 30 kmph or less. Afterwards, you can choose to go out of lane. Be careful if the tires explode and you drift out of lane when speeding. You could turn around. Broken tires cause resistance slowing the car. That is why the vehicle stops without braking.

Repair sat nav while driving

When we drive in places that are new to us sometimes they require the help of satellite navigation. You may need to adjust it, and while driving, you can take your eyes off the road to see the device. You cannot do both at the same time. This can put your life and that of the passengers at risk. You must break these bad habits no matter how experienced you are. Better park and stop the car's engine and then adjust the GPS.

Using your phone while driving

The use of telephones while driving is prohibited in many cities. You should not receive or make calls while driving. If someone calls you, park the car and turn off the engine. You also shouldn't text while driving. These things get attention and can cause you to collide with someone. According to the US National Safety Council, 21% of accidents are due to drivers using their phones while driving